How Should I Charge For My Personal Chef Services?

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Key Concept

Let’s be honest… we’re a little biased at Chefpreneur. We believe how we charge is the best way. You’ll learn our 6 guidelines for how we’ve charged in our own personal chef business and what we teach our students that has helped change their business and lives!


Benefits of Our Method

  1. Makes it easy and simple for your clients to understand.
  2. Eliminates things like food costing and sales tax.
  3. Reduces administrative stress.
  4. and of course increases your profitability!


Our 6 Guidelines to Pricing Services

#1. Make sure to set a Minimum Price

This ensures that you will earn a Minimum amount every “Cook Day”.


#2. NEVER charge by the Hour

Charging by the Hour is very confusing for the Client. It leaves a lot of room for interpretation. The more you confuse, the more you lose!


#3. Use a Flat Rate Price per person for “Private Events”

This makes it easy for the Client to understand your pricing.


#4. Use a Flat Rate Price for “Weekly Meal” Preparations

Again, this makes it easy for the Client to understand your pricing.


#5. ALWAYS pass on the Grocery Cost to the client

This avoids having to do Food Cost and, depending on your state, charging Sales Tax. It allows the client to pay for the food they want and pay you just for your services.


#6. Increase your Pricing with Time & Growth

As your business grows you will be in high demand. This means that your prices can increase due to your limited availability and confidence.

Additional Insight:

If your minimum comes below $200, make sure to just make it $200.
If your price per person is below $40, then make sure to charge at least $40.


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