How Do I Find More Clients?

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Key Concept

Clients are the lifeline of your personal chef business and if you’re wondering how to get more of them, you’re not the only one… If you want more clients, there are a number of different techniques of course, however, these are our best Chefpreneur tips and the #1 strategy for getting booked FAST!

Common Mistakes

  1. You haven’t clearly defined your Niche (What you do).
  2. You’re trying to market yourself as everything to everyone.
  3. Therefore, you’re attracting people who are not a good fit and don’t value you and your business.
  4. You think you need more leads but you don’t have a clean booking process.
  5. You use a generic “Leave a Message” form, email back and forth, and are slow to respond.
  6. You think you need more inquiries to play the numbers game… but you’re not closing deals.


Here’s What To Do Instead

#1 – Develop your Niche (what you want to be known for).

If you don’t know who you are and what you do, they certainly won’t. You need to know exactly what it is you want to be known for. Developing your Niche can be as simple as marrying what it is YOU love to do with what it is your market desires. Once you’ve defined your Niche, your messaging will become more clear and actually resonate with specific people. You’ll have entered the conversation potential clients are already having in their mind and attract them to you. As Donald Miller of StoryBrand says, “When you confuse, you lose”.

Example: A chef who has a passion for Keto and creating healthy meals might have the tagline, “A Personal Chef Service Specialized in Keto Friendly Food”, right on their website.

#2 – Define who it is you serve so you can attract the right people who value you.

You need to know as much as possible about your “Dream Client” as you can. This is the person you would clone to serve in your business if you could. They value everything about you and your business and are great to work with. You should know their Demographics, Psychographics and key Characteristics, like whether they’re humble, integral, assertive, etc. If you don’t know who they are, how are you going to find where they are and get in front of them?

Tip: Find other services/products your dream clients are using.
Example: gyms, dietitians, nutritionists, athletic clubs, vacation rentals, yacht clubs

#3 – Learn the art of selling your services and have a clear and simple booking process.

A sales process is a repeatable journey you can take the client through, starting from when they first see you… all the way to them booking you. No matter where they find you, you should always lead them to a phone call! Getting booked is not about information giving, it’s about information gathering and there’s no better way to do that and create a personal relationship than a phone call.

Check out our proven website structure, inquiry form and booking process on our Demo Website Here.

Our #1 Booking Strategy

In two words, “Strategic Partnerships”.
So what is a strategic partnership? Well having one is the best way to build your business because they will recommend and refer you on a regular basis to the clients they already do business with. That’s right. They’re established, already have a client base, and have spent years building a reputation that your business can now be associated with… even if you’ve been in business for only a day!

But you MUST define your Niche, otherwise partnering with just any business won’t make sense, for you OR them. You want to find a business that serves the same people who desire what it is you do. This could be people who are plant-based, rent vacation homes in your area, travel often, or host parties every other weekend. They’re extremely important though because they can recommend and refer you on a regular basis to the clients they already serve, many times for zero, zip, zilch, nada (literally $0). Once you’ve defined your Niche and crafted messaging that speaks specifically to your dream client, the list of potential partnerships becomes extremely clear and all that’s left is to contact them.
Our Recommendation… Go with SOUS, our All-In-One Personal Chef Software.
If you need a simple and consistent booking process, with SOUS, you can…

  1. Capture inquiry details directly from your website.
  2. Schedule consultation calls to increase booking success.
  3. Send menus directly to clients for easy approval.

SOUS gives you everything you need to Book, Track, And Deliver your services.
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