Build A World-Class Personal Chef Brand More Clients Book

Create a REAL company with a solid foundation using the 4-pillars of the Chefpreneur method to accelerate the growth of your business.

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Access the in-depth training, get live coaching, and now you're doing it right
Access the in-depth training
Get live coaching
Know you're doing it right

Even if you are the best cook in the world, without a proper foundation your business will not stand up in the marketplace and be just a side hustle.

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It’s a fact – personal chef businesses that HAVE a solid foundation and a proven way to consistently turn inquiries into paying clients thrive in the marketplace. In the Chefpreneur Accelerator, you’ll get both done correctly AND get real time coaching to make sure you’re getting it right.

Vector 1  Get coaching and feedback on your business foundations.

Vector 1Get access to live group coaching calls with Chef Andres and his team.

Vector 1Do all this from the comfort of your office or kitchen!

Vector 1Implement the only 4 pillars you need to grow a REAL company.

Vector 1Clarify your services and pricing and know you’re getting paid what you’re worth.

Vector 1Master a proven sales process that will boost bookings and referrals.

What Are The 4-Pillars Of The Chefpreneur Method?
Your Personal Chef Business Should Be Built Like A Solid Table



Create the foundations of your business by clarifying your what, who and how.

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World-Class Brand

Create the outward appearance of your company to attract premium clients that will book you repeatedly

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Marketing & Sales

Use partners to get more events and an easy way for clients to book your services.

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Fulfilling & Growing

Learn how to systemize the world-class experiences needed to scale your business.

When you build the 4 key pillars of your business, you’ll not only feel confident in your business – you’ll actually enjoy being your own boss.

Your In-Depth Training Includes:

Accelerator Program

It’s Time to Build a World-Class Personal Chef Business and Book More Clients

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How Do You Know If You Built It Right?
Get Real-Time Coaching.

In the Accelerator, you’ll have access to Chef Andres and his team throughout the 6 months to make sure you’re getting the Chefpreneur Method right.

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Vector 1Get instant feedback during the weekly group coaching calls.

Vector 1After the 6 month program, you’ll know you’re doing it right.

Vector 1Finally feel confident about your business foundations, branding, and processes.

Vector 1Leave with a plan already implemented.

Frequently Asked Questions

You get Lifetime Access to all the Accelerator Training Videos that take you through the Chefpreneur Method and 4 Pillars.

All of the LIVE Group Coaching Sessions are recorded so if you miss one don’t fret. You’ll find all the recordings in the Membership Area. We usually upload the recordings in 48 Hours or less.

Yes, if you show up to 90% of the LIVE calls and go through the Training Videos and have not recouped your investment after the 6 months, Chef Andres will work with you personally until you at least make your investment back..

Along with the benefit of being in the program, you actually get a chance to submit your website for a review from our team when you join the program!

If you are able to gather in the exact same location and use just one Zoom account, then yes, by all means please hop on the call together 🙂

Each coaching group will have between 2 to 10 Chefs each session. At times the group will be bigger, but Chef Andres will make sure he answers all questions before ending the session.

Yes, we offer that in our Accelerator +PLUS and Protégé Programs. Please book a call with us to discuss how we can help you. You can also email us at

No, we offer programs that help you build your OWN business. This is our policy because we truly care about your success and you building your OWN brand and company!

LISten to what our students have to say



Resources Library


ChefU has all the resources a person needs for their personal chef business.

Write-off “cheat sheet”

Maximize your tax savings with ease. Discover all the write-offs you’re entitled to and keep more of your hard-earned money.

Logo & Brand Guide

Establish a strong, cohesive brand. Use this guide to create a professional identity that stands out and attracts clients.

Pricing Calculator

Simplify your pricing strategy. Set competitive prices that boost your profits without the hassle of food costing.

Services Profit Chart

Ensure every service is profitable. Use this chart to understand your margins and make informed business decisions.

Chef Pay Chart

Pay your team fairly while ensuring great income for yourself. Set competitive rates for contracted help while balancing satisfaction and business profitability.

Email Marketing Templates

Engage your clients effortlessly. Use these professionally crafted templates to send compelling emails that drive business.

Social Media Schedule

Stay consistent and effective on social media. Plan your posts with this schedule and build a loyal online following.

Menu Templates

Create beautiful, professional menus. Impress your clients with customizable templates that showcase your culinary offerings.

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Course Library


ChefU has dozens of courses proven to increase profit and lower stress.

Legal Foundations

Set your business up for success with solid legal foundations. Protect your dream and operate with confidence.

Brand Messaging

Craft powerful brand messages that resonate. Connect deeply with your audience and define your unique voice.

Pricing Strategies

Maximize your profits with smart pricing strategies. Learn to set prices that reflect your value and attract clients.

Website Design

Create a stunning website that showcases your talent. Turn visitors into loyal clients with a captivating online presence.

Cashflow Banking

Take control of your finances with effective cashflow management. Ensure your business remains profitable and sustainable.

Social Media Marketing

Harness the power of social media to grow your business. Engage your audience and build a strong online community.

Strategic Partnerships

Form strategic partnerships that drive leads, expand your reach and immediately elevate brands trust and authority in the market.

Email Marketing

Reach your clients directly with effective email marketing. Build relationships and drive repeat business with compelling campaigns.

Members Only - Enroll Now to conitnue

 To unlock the full potential of the premiere online learning platform for personal chef business owners sign up for a membership.

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