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How Much Is Not Having a Plan Costing You?

Most personal chefs struggle to create a brand that attracts premium clients. When you don’t have a plan…

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Vector You won’t be confident in your business

Vector You’ll build the business wrong and never get results

Vector You’ll waste time figuring out what works and what doesn’t

Vector You won’t be able to replace your job and income

Vector Potential clients won’t book your services

Vector You’ll attract cheap clients

Booking clients should be easy and consistent. Most chefs don’t know how to define the services they offer. Instead, they think they should cook for anyone and everyone. Learn the Chefpreneur Method and you’ll finally build the successful business you’ve been dreaming of.

There are 3 ways you can learn the Chefpreneur Method.
Which one is right for you?

Watch on-demand course
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On-Demand Course

Watch on-demand course

Want to create a brand that attracts premium clients and build a business that works? Learn the Chefpreneur Method at your own pace in the comfort of your home or kitchen with the online Chefpreneur Coaching Program.

Starting with the mindset of a Chefpreneur, Chef Andres and his team will show you the methods used in his personal chef business that can help you get yours off the ground. In this course, you’ll learn a step-by-step method that will help you build a business correctly from the start.

Perfect for: Anyone new to the Chefpreneur method who wants to learn the personal chef business that hundreds of students have started.
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Receive Live Coaching with Business Accelerator

Group coaching from Chef Andres and the Chefpreneur team

Want to build a long-lasting highly profitable business? In the Chefpreneur Business Accelerator you’ll get 6 months of live group coaching from Chef Andres and the Chefpreneur team as you create a premium brand, services and reputation for your business.

We will deep dive into important in-depth concepts of the personal chef business that removes the limits of your earning potential. With access to coaching, you’ll get more hand holding so you feel confident that you’re getting your business and brand right.

Perfect for: Anyone wanting to build a long-lasting premium brand in 6 months with the help of coaching to make sure they’re getting it right.
Group coaching from Chef Andres and the Chefpreneur team
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Become a
Chefpreneur Protégé

Chefpreneur team

Want us to build a world-class premium personal chef brand for you? As a Protege our team will build out your premium brand for you and help you build a thriving personal chef business.

More than a dozen Proteges have had their brands built by Chefpreneur. Your clients will think you’ve been doing business for decades because of your brand image.

Perfect for: Any passionate chef or cook that wants to use the Chefpreneur Method but have the team build it for them so they can scale their business.

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Take the online course or join our Live Coaching to understand how the Chefpreneur Method can help you create a business that works.

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No more guessing about how to build your business. Using the Chefpreneur Method, you’ll finally have a clear path to success.

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Our step-by-step method is proven to get huge results for personal chefs who launch their new brand. That means more clients (and revenue) for YOU!

The Most Successful Personal Chefs On The Planet Are Using The Chefpreneur Method

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You Can’t Afford to Just Wing It

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If you’ve got a passion for cooking and serving people, but you’re not quite business savvy or know where to start, there’s good news and bad news. The bad news? You’re completely lost and don’t know where to start. You don’t know who your ideal client is and you don’t know what to even charge for your services. So, they will never book you and use your services because you don’t even know what they are!

You’re not alone. When it comes to knowing their businesses, many Chefs and Cooks struggle. They know how to cook, but they totally miss the mark when trying to communicate what they do and what they offer to clients. The good news? There’s a ton of upside for you and your business if you can clarify what it is that you offer. That’s where the Chefpreneur Method will help you. Your clients will pay attention, your bookings will go up, and you’ll finally see the results you always knew were possible. When you follow a proven plan, your business will start working for you. Your passion will become your product and your clients will refer you to all of their friends. You Can’t Afford to just wing it!

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